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Digital 48

Digital 48 Sheets are state-of-the-art digital billboard sites. Digital billboards enable advertisers to deliver razor-sharp adverts to large audiences and offer the flexibility to deploy different messages at different times of the day or week.

Not only is the content for digital billboards created electronically, but it is also deployed to various locations electronically – completely eliminating printing costs.

Less waiting

With digital billboards, lead time for publishing is completely eliminated – the advert will be deployed to the selected screen electronically, meaning your advert can be live in minutes, not days!

Whereas classic billboards adverts often stay up for an extended period of time, which is seen as very beneficial for lengthy campaigns. Digital billboards offer the flexibility that adverts can be altered quickly with less planning in advance required – With state of the art scheduling your advert can start and end on a certain day or at a certain time offering you complete control over your campaign.

Data Driven

With all our Digital billboards equipped with future proof CMS (Content Management Systems) we can use the latest traffic and weather APIs to give your campaign that extra relevance to the current audience. See some of our examples below

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